The Hobbit (48FPS Version) Won’t Be Opening Wide

Peter Jackson‘s The Hobbit is nearing release and we’ve still only been able to feast our eyes on one uneventful trailer. I know I’m going to like the film, but I just can’t get excited for it based on the source material alone. I liked The Lord of the Rings (all three) and The Hobbit looks to be returning to that same magical world, but there’s just nothing exciting about the trailer.

What has me most interested is the way Jackson shot and is presenting the film. He shot it at 48 frames per second, which is double the normal rate. What does this mean for common folk? It means that the film is supposed to come to life in front of your eyes and have an effect that some compare to the recent 120 GHz wave of televisions.

I wasn’t lucky enough to view the preview 48fps footage, but most of the reactions were negative, because they just couldn’t handle the way the film looked and moved. Jackson himself said it takes some time to warm up to the format, but once you’re locked in you’ll never want to watch a film any other way.

It doesn’t look like that is going to be the case with The Hobbit, because Variety tells us that Warner Bros. plans on releasing the 48fps version of the film in limited cities, which might not include all major cities. I’d guess LA and NYC for sure, but would Minneapolis get it too?

Lots of theaters have recently upgraded to the proper digital projection that is required for 48fps, but it doesn’t look like they are willing to take a gamble on Jackson’s experiment.

Do you plan on viewing The Hobbit in 3D 48fps or will you be sticking with 2D at 24fps?



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