The Grey Director Joe Carnahan To Direct Death Wish Remake

After directing the number one film at the box office this weekend, The Grey, director Joe Carnahan is moving onto remaking Death Wish, a film series that was made popular by Charles Bronson. Not much else is known, but MGM and Paramount will be handling the film with The Grey producer Jules Daly and Tony Scott‘s production company Scott Free Productions in charge of finances.

I’m kind of excited to see what Carnahan can do with Death Wish. The original film is a revenge classic, with sequels providing enough laughs and over-the-top violence to please any Bronson fan. I think the material is just right for Joe and hopefully the success of The Grey doesn’t bog him down to A-Team territory. That was the last straw for me, but The Grey was a return to form for him, giving him the chance to take a step back and work on character performances, pacing and mood.

Death Wish remake could be a good thing, but it also could be a very bad thing. He’ll have to channel the right amount of violence and drama. Too much revenge doesn’t really work without any emotional attachment. I wonder who he’ll get to play Bronson’s character, maybe Liam Neeson?

(via LA Times)


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