The Green Hornet Review

You know, I really did enjoy The Green Hornet. It was the perfect movie for January. It’s nothing amazing, but it works on so many levels. Up until this point I only knew the name Green Hornet and that it was a TV show and a radio show. So I must warn readers that my review won’t be full of past Green Hornet knowledge. Judging on this movie alone, I really enjoyed the character of The Green Hornet and his trusty sidekick Kato!

The story is what really makes this movie different from other super hero films. The character of The Green Hornet is formed out of a series of events. It starts out with Britt (who is the Green Hornet) wasting his life as a son of a wealthy newspaper owner. His dad is suddenly killed and Britt doesn’t really care. He meets Kato because of his coffee getting messed up one morning and the rest is history. Kato and Britt mess around with some gadgets and decide to vandalize Britt’s father’s statue. While doing that they witness a mugging and step in. At that point they decide to fight crime while posing as criminals. The story moves on at a perfect pace with Britt cracking jokes and Kato kicking ass. I guess the reason I really enjoyed this movie was because it didn’t take itself serious at all and was just pure fun. I never really cared much about the story, but I really wanted to see Kato beat up more people! The villain is introduced very early in the film, but takes a backseat for most of the running time. Later he is revealed and it leads to a few battles between himself and the Green Hornet (and Kato). The movie surprised me with just how over the top it was. So much action was flying on screen and let me tell you it was awesome!

Seth Rogen leads the cast playing Britt (Green Hornet). Britt is a spoiled brat who doesn’t do anything with his life until meeting Kato. He’s hilarious and extremely dumb. I enjoyed Seth Rogen a lot and I really think he played Britt perfectly, but he really was just fun to watch until Kato came onto the screen. Kato is played by Jay Chou. Chou eats up every scene he’s in. The character of Kato is everything that Britt isn’t. He’s smart, innovative, fast and dangerous. Its fun watching Britt and Kato go back and forth until Kato finally beats the crap out of Britt. The main villain is Chudnofsky, who is played by Christoph Waltz. Waltz is most popular for his role in Inglourious Basterds, which was an amazing film. Waltz doesn’t really have much to work with in The Green Hornet. He plays his role well, but he really didn’t “wow” me so much like he did in Inglourious Basterds. He served his purpose and it was great seeing him in another movie, but that’s about it. Also, making a somewhat smaller appearance in the film would be Cameron Diaz, as Britt’s assistant. She doesn’t do much and to be honest I almost forgot to mention her.

I really liked this movie because it felt like a breath of fresh air. Instead of your usual serious super hero, we are given a lighter toned comedy mixed with some really unique looking action sequences. The “Kato Vision” was the best part about the whole movie. Whenever Kato would fight he would enter a slow motion mode that would allow him to plan out his every move. Guns would light up and people would fly back in a trippy motion as he ninja kicked them! The action was fun and the comedy was funnier which helped the movie move right along. Felt like a fun, no brainer type film.

The 3D was also a positive. I was worried when I heard this was being post converted, but it turned out pretty good. You can tell they took their time with it and it really adds to the experience. Several scenes have explosions and chunks of metal flying right out at you. I would suggest seeing this in 3D if you get the chance. I saw it at one of those AMC IMAX theaters, so I didn’t get the FULL IMAX effect, but I did notice the sharper picture, louder sound and bigger screen. So I would say that a 3D viewing is a must, but an IMAX 3D viewing is optional.

Only things that I didn’t like about this movie would be that the Green Hornet really wasn’t the main attraction. I found Kato far more entertaining and I really thought he made the movie. Which is odd since the movie is called The Green Hornet, but maybe that’s part of the charm. Another thing was Christoph Waltz really didn’t do much. I don’t think it was his fault, but I would have loved to see him eat up the screen again like in Inglourious Basterds.

Overall, the movie is a blast. It’s something you can go into and enjoy. It’s over the top and full of action and comedy. Chou is amazing, Rogen is decent and Waltz is just kind of there. See it in 3D and remember to just have fun! Sit back and relax.

The Green Hornet – 7.5/10

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