Introducing… The Extra Rotation Podcast!

The bi-weekly podcast of The Daily Rotation.I am excited to introduce to you today a new feature of The Daily Rotation. Jeremy and I decided to start a podcast and we have lovingly called it “The Extra Rotation”. On this bi-weekly podcast Jeremy and I (and guests at some point in the future) will be talking about the latest news and reviews of Movies, TV shows, news, technology, and anything else that comes to our minds. On many occasions we will also dig deeper into the how’s and why’s about a certain movie or news topic.

In this inaugural episode we will give a quick introduction to ourselves and where we stand on certain topics. Then we will dive right into all things Captain America: Civil War. Like what we thought about the previous movies, our review of Civil War, and where we think the franchise is going. And to finish the podcast off, we will let you know what we will be watching this week.

We have been preparing this podcast for a while now and we hope you enjoy this first episode. Feel free to leave feedback here on what you might want to see in future episodes and what you liked or didn’t like.

Use this link to subscribe to our podcast, find us on iTunes and Google Play Music, or you can listen to the first episode here!

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