‘The Expendables 3’ Looking To Add Wesley Snipes To The Cast


I can’t stop hate-talking The Expendables or its fairly better sequel The Expendables 2, but I can continue to be mildly interested in the third outing, if only because of the new old guys that they’re attracting to the picture.

We’ve already mentioned Nicolas Cage and Jackie Chan possibly joining the gang for another shoot-fest of disappointments, but now Dolph Lundgren has spoke out about them approaching Wesley Snipes for the gig.

He also mentions the possibility of them starting to shoot the film this fall.

Blade vs. Ghost Rider sounds like a dream match made in heaven, but leave it to Sylvester Stallone and his rag-tag team of dumb-dumbs to mess it up.

The Expendables 3 will blow its way into cinemas sometime over the next two years.

Source : Movie Web

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