The Expendables 2 Rating Controversy Continues

We reported here last week about the PG-13 rating of Expendables 2 because of Chuck Norris’ contract.  Later, Sylvester Stallone confirmed the PG-13 rating, but didn’t seem very concerned with the controversy.  Now, a fan has taken it upon himself to see if he can get Lionsgate to release an R-rated cut of the film with his online petition, which you can view or sign right here.

Peter DiDonato of Orange, Conneticut has created the petition, but the problem with this is the fact that Norris’ contract was in place before the movie shot, so it’s possible there is no R-rated version of the film, although I would imagine they did if only for Blu-Ray purposes.

Terry Crews spoke out about the controversy, and had this to say:

“I feel your pain about the EX2 PG-13. But do you really think we’ve all gone soft as baby thighs? No sirs. You will love it. Trust ya boy.  I kill more baddies in the first 3 min of EX2 than I did the whole last movie. Don’t let the smooth taste fool you. This suckers got kick.”

So while it may not have the over-the-top gore of the first Expendables, I’m sure they’ll find a way to make it incredibly violent like the makers of Live Free or Die Hard did, and still managed to get a PG-13.  At least they’re not a horror film, because then they would get an NC-17.  We’ll see how it turns out later this year when Expendables 2 hits theaters.

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