The Equalizer 2 Review

The Equalizer 2
  • Directing9
  • Writing8
  • Acting8.5

The Equalizer 2 is Denzel Washington's first sequel ever and boy was it worth the wait. Denzel and director Antoine Fuqua have crafted a violent revenge flick that piles up the bodies in one of the better action films of the year.

Star Denzel Washington and frequent collaborator¬†Antoine Fuqua return for The Equalizer 2, Denzel’s first sequel and one of the duos better films. The Equalizer 2 takes what worked in the first film and amplifies those qualities, providing viewers with more action, more violence and a better look at Robert McCall’s backstory.

The events of The Equalizer have come and gone and now Robert McCall (Denzel Washington) is continuing to help his fellow men and women in any way possible. Sometimes, this simply means sitting at a park with an old man that has nobody else to talk to, while other times this means driving a rape victim home and then going back to break the necks of anyone involved.

McCall certainly hasn’t let age slow him down. His skills are as sharp as ever and he’s always ready to equalize the situation when the occasion calls for his certain set of skills.

The film opens far from home and quickly jumps back-and-forth between locations as McCall visits with old friends, while keeping an eye on his new ones. Right out of the gate, director Antoine Fuqua (Training Day) and star Denzel Washington establish The Equalizer 2 as a film that isn’t afraid to capitalize on what worked so well in the first film (Denzel’s “Equal Eye” slow-mo action sequences), while also furthering the story in the most basic, yet still entertaining of ways.

I’m not going to lie and say that Denzel is giving his career-best performance in these films, but I can say that he seems to be enjoying himself and Denzel and Fuqua seem to be able to do revenge action flicks better than just about anyone else.

One might even call The Equalizer franchise a more capable and well-done version of Liam Neeson‘s Taken series. Where Taken got downright silly and kept the action PG-13, The Equalizer doubles down on the R-rating and ability to explore new characters and more backstory of the infamous Robert McCall.

At the end of the day, these films are all about Denzel laying waste to deserving thugs that have crossed the line in one regard or another and the best part about these films is that Denzel seems to incapacitate them with ease, rarely emoting the feeling of doubt or worry as if Denzel isn’t going to destroy every single person in the room.

And I love that about these films. There’s a certain level of confidence that both Denzel and Fuqua have earned and they explore it and it mostly turns out well for us. The Equalizer 2 is an entertaining action film that doesn’t mind stopping for the occasional burst of emotion.

The structure is similar to the first film, but the action isn’t, nor is the struggle. McCall is still adjusting to the everyday life and he does so by helping those in need and by equalizing situations that need a helping hand. Sometimes, it’s as simple as breaking a man’s jaw, while other times it’s about keeping a young man on the right path and reminding him that he can be or do anything that he wants.

That’s a shining message soaked in blood and destruction and I’m down with Fuqua and Denzel returning every few years to keep this series alive. As long as the quality remains high and the message doesn’t get muddied, let’s keep churning out these films until the end of time.

The Equalizer 2 is every bit as thrilling and as engaging as the first film. It’s a mean slice of revenge, served up in the most bad ass of ways. Denzel rarely does a bad film and I’m glad to tell you that this isn’t his mess up.


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