The Dilemma Review

A movie that really works well, but doesn’t manage to bring anything fresh to the table would be The Dilemma. I really did enjoy the movie and I thought it was well put together as far as the cast and direction went, but I couldn’t help but feel that I’ve seen this type of film before. While The Dilemma doesn’t manage to bring anything fresh, it really didn’t hurt anything. It just sort of exists.

The main story of The Dilemma is quite simple. Vince Vaughn‘s character sees the wife of Kevin James‘s character with another man. Vince is faced with the tough decision of telling his friend the news. The story continues with Vince debating on when to tell Kevin the news. They both are in the middle of a big breakthrough in fuel efficient cars for Dodge. As the pressure from Dodge starts to build, Kevin’s character starts to freak out. This doesn’t help Vince when it comes to breaking the horrible news. Like most of these movies, I find myself screaming in my head saying, “Just tell him already”! I hate when a movie like this could be solved in 15 minutes. I get that sometimes it’s hard to tell someone close such horrible news, but there were several times that would have worked. Instead they just keep dragging it on and waiting until the end. The ending is as predictable as it comes, but it’s the best way to end the movie without making you feel completely annoyed.

That being said, this movie was made very well. Director Ron Howard really knows how to place the comedy. It never gets to the point of being completely stupid. I would almost have to say that this is more of a mature version of this type of story. All the jokes were funny and fit into the movie perfectly. The whole cast worked together very well, mainly Vince Vaughn and Kevin James. They had enough chemistry to make it a believable relationship. Everyone else just helped the story move along. Even the annoying Channing Tatum held his own. I felt that the casting was a very critical part in making this movie work. If one person wasn’t right, the whole movie would have failed.

The thing I enjoyed most about this movie was Vince Vaughn. The guy hasn’t been getting these types of main roles that he deserves. He has a very unique way of delivering his lines. It’s hard to explain, but anyone who has seen Vaughn in a movie will understand. There’s just something charming and yet annoying about him. If Vince and Kevin’s roles were swapped, this movie would have been a bore fest. Luckily they weren’t and we can all go home happy.

Again, the only thing I can complain about in this movie is the story. It’s been done before and I really think there wasn’t a need for this movie, but Ron Howard managed to direct an awesome cast, which made it turn out to be a decent experience.

Overall, this movie is the very definition of a great rental. It’s something that you don’t need to rush out and see in theaters. Wait for it to hit rental and check it out. It’s a great movie for what it is, but that’s all it has going for it.

The Dilemma – 7/10

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