The Death of TV Series ‘House’

Fox has renewed the television series “House” for an eighth season. The only problem is that this may be its very last season; at least that’s what it is looking like. Even Hugh Laurie (Gregory House) was interviewed about the upcoming season and said the following:

“The end of that (eighth) season looks like the end of the show…that’s as far as they’ve got me for.”

Hugh Laurie with BBC Radio Times

Hugh Laurie has been the star of the show since its inception in 2004. He has won countless awards including but not limited to Golden Globe awards, Emmy nominations, People’s Choice awards, Screen Actor Guild awards, and more.  The TV show has been one of the most popular shows on television. Every season of the series so far has averaged over 10 million viewers per episode, with some episodes reaching over 25 million viewers. Hugh Laurie has been paid accordingly though. He is reportedly the highest paid actor on a drama series, making 400,000 per episode according to TV Guide.

House’s love interest and constant babysitter on the TV series, Lisa Edelstein (Lisa Cuddy) has already left the show. The seventh season was her last and she will not be a part of the upcoming eighth season. In the House Season finale, House was distraught after seeing Cuddy with another man in her house, so he proceeded to finally vent all of his anger and crash a vehicle through her house! It will be interesting to see how the upcoming season opens up, and explains her absence. The show will sorely miss her. People are speculating that this upcoming season will be the last, which is understandable with Lisa Edelstein’s exit and Hugh Laurie’s departure looming. Will it be the last season? What will House do next? How will the longstanding television series finally conclude? Will House actually leave the show? Like he says, “Everybody lies”. The eighth season will start in October. Stay Tuned.

For a Bonus, one of my favorite moments of Season 7House ‘Come on, Get Happy’

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