The Dark Knight Rises Teaser in HD!

Many of you might have already seen the 95 second teaser for The Dark Knight Rises, but if you didn’t catch it before Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 or in inferior quality via a bootleg, then here’s your chance to check it out, in full quality.

You can check it out on The Dark Knight Rises’  Facebook Page.  Now that a good quality version has hit the internet, what do you think?

I’m always disappointed with teasers as they never reveal much footage, and this is one of those teasers where more than half the footage is either filler shots or flashbacks from the past two films.

Interesting, and I get that they’re connecting the three films even stronger than they were before, but at the same time, even a little bit more footage of Bane, or Bale is what people really want to see.  Does this work for you?  Or did you expect more too?

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