The Dark Knight Rises IMAX Prologue Reaction

Okay first thing is first: If you are going to see Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, you must see it on an IMAX screen. I am not here to talk about that, though, I am here to talk about the six minute IMAX footage of Christopher Nolan‘s The Dark Knight Rises attached to the beginning of the movie.

I was there for the first whatever minutes of The Dark Knight before I Am Legend and what they showed was the jagged mentality of the films main villain, The Joker. How evil he was and how demented his mind really is. Heath Ledger‘s character is truly a maniac hell bent on destruction to everyone/thing around him.

The purpose of The Dark Knight Rises prologue is similar, but obviously not the same. Our new villain to fear: Bane played by Tom Hardy.


*There are some spoilers below, so you can read if you dare.*

After a short intro eulogy for Harvey Dent delivered by Commissioner Gordon, the scene changes to some place in the middle of nowhere far from Gotham. Here we are introduced to Bane. The first words he speaks are oh-so chilling. Bane speaks through his mask that delivers sort of a broken computer sounding British accent. It’s creepy.

Bane then starts kicking all sorts of ass on this small plane that is being hijacked by another plane. It’s hard to imagine, but it needs to be seen on an IMAX screen to get the full “holy shit” effect.

After people are flying up and down the plane smacking seats as they go down, we get to see how far Bane will go to get whatever he needs done. Whether it’s commanding his men to do unthinkable things or doing careful blood-work on someone thousands of feet in the air in a broken suspended airplane. He gets shit done.

Following the scene, we get a short reel of scenes where we see Gotham getting torn to shit and hell walking the earth. It seems more like a global takeover that Bane is going for, but you can’t tell everything from six minutes. Plus we get a small enough glimpse to see Anne Hathaway‘s Catwoman isn’t really a joke.

After viewing it, I did feel a little offset by Banes voice. If you have read other reactions, then you may have heard that Bane’s voice may be too distorted and hard to hear. After discussion with people, you can put that off being the setting they are in, a loud broken open airplane. You’re not going to hear everything. That was my only concern, but I am sure the rest of the movie will be as bad ass as this scene is. The rest of it looks solid and I am ready for the end of all things to come.

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