The Daily Rotation 2.0 Is Here

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Hey, we made it.

I had no idea how large The Daily Rotation was going to grow when a buddy and I first created it all the way back in 2011. I mean, we were just two young kids looking to explore and explain our love for films, television, technology, video games and really anything entertainment-related as a whole. We just wanted to get our voices out there and share our passion with the world, or whoever was willing to listen.

And people started to listen and comment and eventually even ask to join our team and further expand The Daily Rotation far past what I’d ever have expected. Sure, we’re no IGN or Yahoo! Movies and we don’t exactly want to be, but we are a group of passionate individuals that want to make our voices heard and hopefully help change the landscape of our respective fields. I personally enjoy writing about films, because of my simple and yet expansive love for film. If my review makes you excited to see an upcoming indie film or a Hollywood blockbuster or even a film that you had no interest in whatsoever, well then that’s just awesome.

I don’t do this for any one particular person or for any sort of badge to wear proudly in public. I do this because I’m insanely in love with films and occasionally in love with Windows Phones or new technology or whatever it is that I’m covering. I do this because I want to voice that love and help spread and share that love with as many people as possible, not because I feel like my opinion is anymore valid than his or hers, but because I want people to actively agree or disagree with me on the topics that I cover and because I want to challenge those around me and question not just the films that I watch, but the opinions that I form or the ones that those around me form.

The Daily Rotation has helped me do that and so much more. It’s helped me form friendships and bonds with people that I might have never met had this site not created that opportunity for us to meet. This website has helped me form an entire new look on the things that I view, say and do. This website has hopefully also helped me form a clear and focused opinion, even though sometimes my passion, both good and bad comes colliding with my original intentions, but that’s beside the point.

This website has done a lot of things for me and hopefully it’s done even more for those that have bothered to read it. I’ve selfishly considered TDR to be my baby, but I’m wrong in doing so, because it’s yours too.

The Daily Rotation belongs to everyone that has bothered to click on one of my millions of Facebook or Twitter posts. The Daily Rotation belongs to those that have constantly encouraged me to keep the site going and to provide me with more ideas than I would have ever imagined on my own. It belongs to those that went past those ideas and gave me the support to see those ideas form and the sparks to keep interest going and going.

The Daily Rotation belongs to the many people that have helped shape it in some way or another. I’m talking about you Anthony, Brad, Brett, Chelsea, Colton, Courtney, Danno, David, Derek, Joel, Katelyn, Kim, Matt, Nate, Sean, Steve, RoboTK, Thomas and Wilson.

The Daily Rotation belongs to all of the friends and family that have continued to share each and every article on their Facebook feeds, despite not knowing what the heck we were even talking about in the actual article itself. You guys rock and we couldn’t have done it without you!

Today, I introduce to you The Daily Rotation 2.0. It’s been a long time coming and I promise that it will never take this long again to provide you with a website that actually makes you want to stay and read as much content as possible. The Daily Rotation is here to stay and I hope our new vision makes you feel that way too.


*Random side note, but if you’re experiencing any sort of weird errors or notice something off, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE let me know in the comments below or fill out a comment on our Contact Us page or even shoot me an email at*

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