‘The Butterfly Effect’ Getting A Reboot


I guess anything is open to a remake or reboot at this point. Comic book movies have been doing it for awhile now, with Punisher: War Zone acting as a third loose reboot for the character and even The Amazing Spider-Man proving that you can retool an entire franchise in a decade’s time.

But The Butterfly Effect? Really?

I actually dug the Ashton Kutcher-led sci-fi time travel film that dealt with a character that had the ability to reshape his entire life by going back and changing past events. I thought the film showed promise as an R-rated science fiction film with a strong concept, open to many possibilities. I also thought Kutcher delivered his best performance of his unpopular (to most) career.

The film did really good too, racking in over $100 million dollars at the box office and leading to several straight-to-DVD sequels later down the road.

Now, it looks like a reboot is being worked on, with original co-writer/co-director Eric Bress working on a new script. No director or stars have been mentioned, but I’m sure we’ll hear more about it if the project does continue through the pipeline.

The Butterfly Effect is no masterpiece, but it is a hidden gem in the sci-fi genre that I think most will be surprised with.

Check out the original trailer below and let me know in the comments if a reboot sounds like something you’d want to see:

Source : Variety

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