The Bunny The Bear “The Stomach for It” Review

There is a limit where mashing genres just turns in to utter shit. The Bunny The Bear manages to plow through this threshold with great ease with their latest effort The Stomach for It. What is The Bunny The Bear you ask? Well, apparently the main duo of the group thought it would be a cool idea to mash up synth pop with post hardcore screamo. So with that you get razor edged synth leads mixed with heavy guitars, whiny screams and even worse clean vocals. It is the most literal form of hell I can think of.

The Stomach for It is The Bunny The Bear’s third album in 3 years. Yes, they are producing this filth annually, and apparently the people are eating it up. They have been together since 2008 and within that time they have cycled through 10 people filling in for drums and guitar. It seems not even the band members can put up with it.

The album shapes up to be a hell of a messy mix. It starts out sounding decent with the intro track, Congregation. Leading the album in with poppy synth arpeggios, a piano loop, and bringing in some heavy guitars until they ruin it by some awful falsetto singing. From that point, the album takes a downward spiral into badly mixed tracks where the vocals are way to down in the mix and there is just way to much stuff going on at once.

There is something about this band that has genuinely made me mad. Maybe it’s the mixture of genres. If they were just synth pop, and they even kept the screaming, it would sound somewhat better than what they have. It’s the fact that when they go to screamo, they don’t cut down on the synths at all. They are on all throughout the album and they don’t give the metal element their own space.

Their mix is fucked. With all this shit going on in the choruses (synth(sometimes multiples), guitars, drums, vocals), you are bound to lose something in there and for some reason they thought it would be a good idea to keep the vocals down. With a constant attack of synths, you lose all sorts of dynamics. Probably the most useful dynamic of silence is lost even during bridges where they have soft piano parts; they are compromised by the always-cutting synths.

Overall, this album is awful. The content is bad, the style is unpleasant, and the mix is damn disgusting. I don’t know who or what these guys appeal to (probably those “edgy” high school kids who think it’s cool to turn radio pop on its head and add screaming), but whatever the cause may be, I cannot stand it. I know this review has been angry from the start, but this is unacceptable. This shouldn’t be advertised to the public. People should avoid this.


The Stomach for It – 3/10

Track Listing:

  1. Congregation
  2.  Sky
  3.  All Birds
  4.  This Isn’t Why You Made Her
  5.  Soul
  6.  Breeze
  7.  Lonely, Lonely, Lonely
  8.  I’m Scared Now
  9.  Sheep
  10.  Pieces
  11.  It Kills Me

The Stomach for It is available May 22nd via Victory Records

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