The Avengers Is Getting A Re-Release This Weekend

I have yet to meet a movie watcher that hasn’t see Joss Whedon‘s The Avengers. It is arguably the biggest film of the year (from a financial standpoint and from a most talked-about standpoint) and I’ll admit that I’ve seen it maybe three or four times.

The end of the summer is here and the movie scene isn’t all that bangin’ right now. The Possession is the only thing opening up wide on Friday, with Lawless already making its splash on Wednesday. The rest of the audience might be torn between Expendables 2 or still catching up on The Bourne Legacy, but that still leaves a gaping hole for those craving some lighter superhero action.

There’s a severe lack of big blockbuster-level films in theaters right now, or at least new ones coming out within the next few weeks, which means it’s a perfect time for Marvel to capitalize on the market. Marvel has decided to go ahead and re-release The Avengers for a week, in hopes of passing Titanic‘s gross record. I’d love to see it get that kick it needs to surpass one of James Cameron‘s record-breakers, but I’m not sure if people will want to rush out to see the film again, especially when it’s still already playing in a dozen theaters in most populated areas.

Some are speculating that Marvel might toss in a Phase 2 Easter egg, like an Iron Man 3 trailer or something, but I doubt that very much and I think we’d be lucky if we even got a bonus clip from the upcoming Blu-ray release.

Will you be catching The Avengers again during its one-week run or will you just wait it out and buy the Blu-ray?


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