The Avengers Grosses $600 Million

The Avengers has finally reached $600 million dollars nationwide, with a respectable $1.44 billion dollars worldwide. This puts the film right behind James Cameron‘s Titanic and Avatar, which still holds number one and two for highest grossing films of all time.

Had Titanic not been re-released The Avengers would have topped it by now, but the re-release earned it another $58 million.

This is big news for comic-book fans, Marvel and virtually anyone following movies. It’ll definitely give Marvel the confidence they need to go ahead and unleash some of the lesser known characters into the world of movies, while also continuing to develop sequels to their now household names.

I wonder where The Dark Knight Rises will fall into the equation. I doubt it’ll do as good, but it’s sure to break some records.

I guess we’ll find out in a month.

(via Box Office Mojo)

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