The Amazing Spider-Man Is Now Movie 1 Of 3

Sony announced sometime last year that The Amazing Spider-Man would be getting a sequel, which would release sometime in 2014, but now they’ve went on the record to say that The Amazing Spider-Man is the first of a trilogy.

This is due to the recent success the film had, opening with very respectable numbers in a crowded box office. I still think it’s a little too early to go ahead and call it a success, especially with The Dark Knight Rises opening in a few weeks.

Here’s what they said on their official Facebook page:

“It’s finally here! The Amazing Spider-Man is the first installment in a movie trilogy that will explore how our fave hero’s journey was shaped by the disappearance of his parents.”

No word if Marc Webb will return to direct either of the sequels, but I’m sure that will be settled in the coming months.

Are you excited for two more Spider-Man films starring (presumably) Andrew Garfield?

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