The Adjustment Bureau Review

The Adjustment Bureau is one hard movie for me to review. On one hand, I really liked the concept behind the movie and I thought the acting was great, but on the other hand, I felt like a lot of the story was half baked and the ending was very anticlimcatic. The more and more I think about the movie, the more I find things I liked about it, but the end result still lingers in the average territory.

The Adjustment Bureau stars Matt Damon as David Norris, a respectable politician who has a very bright future and Emily Blunt who plays Elise Sellas, a ballerina with a great career ahead of her. Now these two people meet up fairly early in the story by chance, and manage to have strong feelings for each, almost like they were meant for each other. Now this is where you are introduced to the group of characters known as The Adjustment Bureau. They are responsible for making decisions for everyone and keeping order in the world. They have a book that contains everyone’s “plans” and they must make sure everything goes according to this said book. Who is the writer of this book you might ask? The person in charge of the “plans” is known only as The Chairman. He passes the orders on down to The Adjustment Bureau and they make sure everything goes accordingly.

David was supposed to run into Elise at the beginning of the movie, but that was supposed to be the last time he would ever see her. This sets a minor adjustment in the “plan” which ends up leading to all sorts of trouble for David and Elise. Due to this adjustment, David is now shown the world of The Adjustment Bureau and it is made very clear to him that he is not to tell anyone about the Bureau and that he is not to find Elise or else both of their dreams will be destroyed.

I will say that I loved the idea behind The Adjustment Bureau. The concept is so simple, yet so effective. Will one go against the plan that is set for them? Can people really make their own free will? Lots of questions arose from the trailer and for the most part they were answered, but they were answered in a very lazy manner. The first half of the movie is spent introducing the characters and allowing you to get comfortable with the idea of people controlling everyone’s fate. I really liked where they were going with this and I was hoping that it would all slowly unfold at the end, but I was wrong. The ending starts gearing up with about 20 minutes left on the clock and it all goes downhill from there. It felt messy and rushed and I was really mad because the film had a lot going for it.

I loved both leads and I thought they had some great chemistry. I could see why they tried so hard to be with each other throughout the film. They had me convinced that they were meant to be. I also liked the idea of people controlling everything. I was curious to see what happens when someone tries to change the “plan”.

The problem with the movie is that once they start changing the “plans”, everything goes crazy. All of that build up is wasted on 15 minutes of David and Elise running through the city followed by a quick and lazy 5 minute ending. I tried hard to really like this movie, but I couldn’t help feeling disappointed.

Overall, The Adjustment Bureau is an interesting story with some great performances that are unfortunately wasted on a terrible third act. Everything it had going for it was easily undid in the last 20 minutes. I’d suggest renting it if you really wanted to see this, but don’t waste your time or money catching it in theaters.

The Adjustment Bureau – 7/10

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