The 85th Annual Academy Awards Winners



Best Short Film


Best Animated Short Film


Best Documentary Short Subject


Best Documentary Feature Film

Searching for Sugar Man

Best Achievement in Visual Effects

Life of Pi

Best Achievement in Sound Editing

Skyfall & Zero Dark Thirty (tie)

Best Achievement in Sound Mixing

Les Miserables

Best Original Song

Skyfall – Adele

Best Original Score

Life of Pi

Best Achievement in Make Up and Hair Styling

Les Miserables

Best Costume Design

Anna Karenina

Best Production Design


Best Editing


Best Cinematography

Life of Pi

Best Foreign Film


Best Animated Feature Film


Best Adapted Screenplay


Best Original Screenplay

Django Unchained

Best Directing

Life of Pi

Best Supporting Actress

Anne Hathaway, Les Miserables

Best Supporting Actor

Christoph Waltz, Django Unchained

Best Actress

Jennifer Lawrence, Silver Linings Playbook

Best Actor

Daniel Day Lewis, Lincoln

Best Picture


Well, it’s not every year that the Oscars are surprising, and although there were some good movies nominated, there were certainly some surprises within the awards themselves.  The director of the Best Animated Short Film Paperman was kicked out of the awards ceremony for throwing paper airplanes, which was the subject of his winning film.

Jennifer Lawrence got her Oscar, after being nominated previously for Winter’s Boneand Anne Hathaway got one for Supporting Actress after being nominated for Rachel Getting Married a few years ago.

Life of Pi came away with a surprising three wins for Cinematography, Visual Effects, and Best Directing, none of which I was really expecting, especially considering the general lackluster response for the film, which I have still yet to see.

Daniel Day Lewis won his third acting statue for Lincoln, although the general consensus seems to be that Joaquin Phoenix deserved the award for The Master.  However, he badmouthed the awards in general, and that will get you nothing in the highly political awards arena, although I agree with him generally.  Movies are subjective, so to say one is better than the other is simply a matter of opinion, however, with these awards, people tend to take them as fact, when really, they are just the movie industry’s best advertising campaign.

I’m glad that Quentin Tarantino got another award for his writing, and Christoph Waltz won another Supporting Actor statue for his performance in a Tarantino film, although I felt Samuel L. Jackson was better deserving of the award (so was Leonardo DiCaprio) despite the lack of a nomination.  Then again, I felt Django Unchained was far and away the best film made all year, so it just goes to show that nothing matters in this arena besides the secretive Academy voting process.  With people like Ernie Hudson (Ghostbusters and HBO‘s Oz) doing the voting, I guess it’s tough to get a handle on what they’re looking for.

Les Miserables didn’t get the recognition I thought it would, nor did Zero Dark Thirty, which only tied with Skyfall for Sound Editing, only the 6th tie in 85 years of award giving for the Academy.   Speaking of Skyfall, Adele joined Eminem as a Grammy and Oscar winner.  Brave won best animated feature film, despite being far from it in the eyes of most people that saw the film, and Amour took home the Best Foreign Film in a seemingly forgone conclusion.

Argo came away the big winner of the night, with awards for Best Editing, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Picture.  I really thought it only had a chance at the editing award, but I guess it was a toss up after all.  I liked the film, but I felt it was far from the best of the year, further proof that the subjective nature of movies is counter-productive to award-giving.  All I can say is good for Ben Affleck, who has made better films in his past two outings, but wasn’t given the recognition as such because I guess those movies weren’t up the Academy’s alley.

All in all, a strange experience, and I couldn’t help but be bored to tears with the actual show.  No, Seth MacFarlane didn’t improve anything about the stuffed-shirt feeling of the whole thing, and obvious the self-congratulatory nature of the awards is far more important than actual movie fans relating to anything happening at the show.  Oh well, maybe next year we’ll see another The Departed or No Country For Old Men actually win big in a year where movies people actually like win the big awards.  We’ll see.

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