Terrence Malick’s IMAX Doc. ‘Voyage Of Time’ Gets A Stunning New Poster

Terrence Malick is the sort of director that will always earn my excitement, despite some of his later films going off the rails.

Sure, not every one of his films possesses the strengths and stability of The Tree of Life or The Thin Red Line, but the man is a visual storyteller unlike any other and I’ll always get excited to see his latest film projected up on the big screen.

His visuals are often-times amazing and jaw-dropping and the idea of him doing an IMAX documentary about space, time and life sounds like something that he should have no struggles with delivering.

Voyage of Time will be presented in two cuts, with a shorter 40-minute IMAX cut being narrated by Brad Pitt, plus a longer 90-minute version with narration by Cate Blanchett.

The longer version is being described as more “poetic”, which confuses me slightly, yet doesn’t dampen my anticipation.

I’ll no doubtingly seek out both cuts of the film at some point.

Below we’ve got a brief synopsis of the film, plus a first-look poster:


Voyage of Time: The IMAX Experience tells the grand history of the cosmos, taking the audience on a personal journey through the universe itself, from the Big Bang to the Mesozoic Era to our present and beyond. Nearly four decades in the making, Voyage of Time will feature a panorama of powerful images will allow viewers to bear witness to some of the most important events of all time — the birth of the stars, the initial development of human life, and much, much more.

Source : IndieWire

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