Terrence Malick To Continue Working On Multiple Films Back-To-Back

Known mostly for his reclusive nature and slow and steady filmmaking process, director Terrence Malick has suddenly emerged from the darkness with loads of creative ideas. He stunned us all last year with the Oscar-nominated The Tree of Life and he already has a film circling the festival circuit titled To the Wonder, which stars Ben Affleck and Rachel McAdams.

One thing that has been puzzling, yet exciting movie-lovers around the world is Malick’s sudden increase of productivity and projects. Usually he spends anywhere from five to ten years working on one film and yet now we’ve heard talk of up to three films getting worked on at once.

To The Wonder marks his second film in two years, but he’s still currently working on the Christian Bale-starring Knight of Cups, plus the Ryan Gosling/Rooney Mara music drama which was formerly titled Lawless.

According to sources, we can now confirm that Knight of Cups is about the “LA movie business”, while the untitled Gosling/Mara film is still set in the music scene and will begin production in just a few weeks. Producers close to Malick have mentioned that he will be editing the two films back-to-back, which means we can possibly expect them out by late 2013 or 2014.

Lastly is a brief update on his Tree of Life-connected documentary titled Voyage of Time. Brad Pitt and Emma Thompson are said to be narrating the picture, which scientifically depicts the entire life of the universe, from the forming of the cosmos, to the very end of it all.

Here’s a brief, yet descriptive quote about the project’s plot:

“the first signs of life, bacteria, cellular pioneers, first love, consciousness, the ascent of humanity, life and death and the end of the universe.”

That sounds like a very ambitious project that only someone of Malick’s level of talent could pull off. I’m personally looking forward to all of these projects, because each one offers up a new Malick vision.

His projects are always experiences unlike anything before and I absolutely cannot wait to see all of them come together in such a short span. It is worth noting that Voyage of Time is probably going to take a few more years than the rest of the films, if only because of how much intricate detail that Malick seems to be pumping into the film. He’s been working on it for decades.

Which Malick project are you most interested in?

(via Screen Daily)

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