Terminator 5 Not Coming In The Near Future

Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in the Hollywood world, making movies like The Tomb and The Last Stand, while also starring in the recently released The Expendables 2. One role that will forever implant Schwarzenegger into the movie world is his role in The Terminator.

The Terminator is still one of my all-time favorite science fiction movies and the sequel remains one of the strongest sequels in the history of cinema. Rise of the Machines and Terminator Salvation need to be erased from my mind, but the first two are still sci-fi gems that will never be topped.

Terminator 5 was once a thing, with Justin Lin (Fast Five) even attached at some point, but now it’s looking less and less likely to happen in the near future.

Schwarzenegger himself went on to reveal this:

 ”I think (producer) Megan Ellison owns the rights to ‘Terminator 16,’ or whatever it is. They have been trying to put a script together but I’ve not seen it, so I’ve no idea. There’s nothing on the drawing board at this point. Nothing on the plan.”

It looks like we’re a ways way from another Terminator sequel, with our without Schwarzenegger.

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