Terminator 5 Moving Forward; Schwarzenegger-Starring Conan Film Gets More Details

News regarding Terminator 5 has been a little cold as of late. The last we heard Megan Ellison‘s Anapurna Pictures tweeted something about big news coming soon regarding the film and here we are with this bit of news.

The news is that Megan will be teaming up with her producing sibling Larry Ellison to produce the film and that they’ve decided to start from scratch. They’re currently looking for a new writer to pen the latest installment of the series, which may or may not bring back the return of Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Speaking of Schwarzenegger, news regarding his involvement with the Conan sequel has also been released. The film, The Legend of Conan is going to be taking the Rocky Balboa route, which means it will be a years later sequel that sort of acts as a revival film.

I like the idea of a weathered Conan facing new warriors while also battling against time and being on the wrong side of it.

Both of these films interest me, because they’re what helped bring Schwarzenegger to the main stage and I’d love to see him reclaim his fame with them.

Of the two, which are you holding out for the most?


Source : LA Times

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