Taylor Kitsch To Star In Horror Film ‘Exit 147’


I don’t get the Taylor Kitsch hate. He’s definitely not the greatest actor working today, but he’s far from horrible. He’s never afraid to try new things, even if they end up failing (see Battleship and John Carter). I appreciate his efforts and will continue to check out whatever he stars in, even if he’s still a bit rough around edges.

His latest venture is going to be that of a horror film called Exit 147. In it he’ll be playing a sheriff who arrests a man and apparently tortures him as part of some twisted and sadistic game. So Kitsch will be playing a bad guy this time around in a horror film.

I can get behind this. Maybe this is exactly what he needs to kick-start his career into something that isn’t full of Hollywood flops or disappointments.

Source : Bloody-Disgusting


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