Tatum Protects Foxx In First Images From Roland Emmerich’s White House Down

It has been way too long since Roland Emmerich‘s 2012. That film is the very definition of Emmerich as a filmmaker and it’s also points out that grey line that separates the big-budget blockbuster filmmaker from Michael Bay and his usually failed attempts at making pretty explosions that have a fun story to boot. Emmerich knows how to do it with class and style and I will continue to support his studio spectacles for as long as I live.

His latest picture is White House Down and it stars the on-fire Channing Tatum and the soon-to-be on-fire Jamie Foxx. Both have had promising 2012’s (with Foxx’s not officially kicking in until Christmas Day) and it now looks like both will be tearing it up in 2013.

Collider has provided us with these exclusive stills, which shows Tatum protecting President Foxx:

White House Down opens on June 28th, 2013.

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