Taken 2 Starts Shooting In October

Taken was a load of fun that really came out of nowhere. After Fox bounced its release date back in forth in America, most people stopped caring about the film or saw the original, uncut version via DVD import from the United Kingdom. But when it did finally hit the U.S. theatrical market it made one hell of an impact. Opening with $24 million dollars and going on to rake in $145 million domestic plus another $81 million overseas, all on a $25 million dollar budget, talk about a major success! You’d think Fox realized what kind of hot property Taken could be, considering the fact that it’s just Liam Neeson going around and killing people until his family is safe. This opens up a whole new wave of sequels, from his ex-wife getting taken, his sisters mothers neighbor getting taken, the local, but friendly garbage man getting taken, to even his own daughter getting taken again, but for some reason Fox has been really relaxed with the sequel and I hope it’s because they want to make it right, with both the story and the action.

I was surprised by how violent the PG13 cut of the film was, I mean yeah, the uncut version later released on DVD and Blu-ray was better, but the theatrical cut still left an impact on me and I am more than willing to fork over some more money for round two, which leads me to the latest news on the matter. According to The Film Stage, Taken 2 is set to start shooting this October, with director Pierre Morel stepping down and Olivier Megaton taking his place, with Luc Besson still producing. Besson says that the whole cast will be coming back, including Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace and of course Mr. Liam Neeson.

My only reaction to this piece of news is simply, good! About time they get going on this one. I’m curious if they have the balls to give the U.S. the uncut version right away, if they even choose to make it as violent, which they better, or if the U.S. will get a PG13 cut to guarantee a profit. I doubt the second one will be able to do as well as the first, but I’m sure it will make a decent chunk of change, if they keep the budget in the mid 20 million dollar range.

Just please don’t mess this movie up. It’s such an easy premise that can go horribly wrong if the right amount of care isn’t applied. Just re-watch Taken a few more times and expand from that! PLEASE!

What are your thoughts on Taken 2? Do you want to see it or do you think the first was a fluke?

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