Sylvester Stallone Taking Over Bullet To The Head

Bullet to the Head, the latest film from director Walter Hill has been yanked from its April release date and scheduled for the dreaded TBA. Twitch is reporting that the reason Warner Bros has shifted the release date is because star Sylvester Stallone is taking over the production for the film and having the last say for the final edit.

There hasn’t been any official announcements, but the word is that Stallone will be “personally overseeing” the film from here on out, which could either be a good thing or a bad thing. Could Stallone be saving a possibly good film from a director that’s lost his touch or is Stallone simply overstepping his boundaries?

His recent cut of The Expendables wasn’t all that better than the theatrical cut. Hell, I’d say it was worse, so I’m not sure if we should start getting worried just yet.

Bullet to the Head also stars Jason Momoa, Christian Slater and Sung Kang. It’s looking more likely that the film will be hitting in November or December.

Do you think a director should keep power in this sort of situation or is it sometimes okay for a studio/actor to take over if they smell a dud?

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