Swedish Website Announces ‘The Purge’ Trilogy For 4K UHD

Swedish website CDON.se has recently listed all three Purge films for a September 2017 release. For those of you ill-informed, that’s The Purge, The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year.

Word is rather quiet on future installments, but I’d bank on Universal and Blumhouse continuing to churn out these films as long as they turn some sort of profit, before taking the series to the straight-to-DVD territory.

Director James DeMonaco‘s trilogy is an interesting one. One that started with futuristic horror roots, then shifted to a revenge actioner, much like a Punisher film, before finally becoming more of a social commentary.

I thought the first film was decent, while Anarchy was far superior, before Election Year kind of flatlined my interest in any future installments.

Still, all three films are said to have been shot at 2.8K, with a 2K digital intermediate. That means that these films will have an uptick in resolution over the 1080p Blu-ray versions, but won’t quite be true 4K sourced or mastered material.

Still, HDR (or the possible Dolby Vision) should provide enough of a color spectrum upgrade to make these worthy upgrades for fans of the trilogy.

Are you going to bother with any of these double-dips? I’ll probably grab Anarchy, if it’s reasonably priced, unless there’s some sort of trilogy pack.

Also, keep in mind that the 4K UHD Blu-ray format is region-free, which means you can import titles from any part of the world and they will play on your player regardless, unlike Blu-rays and DVDs.

Source : CDON

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