Surprisingly Good Trailer For Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s ‘Don Jon’


It’s no secret that I really didn’t care for Joseph Gordon-Levitt as an actor until he broke out in 50/50. Since then he’s gone on to impress me in things like The Dark Knight Rises and Looper. Now, I sort of look forward to seeing whatever he’s in next, because he’s slowly winning me over.

I still think (500) Days of Summer is a massive piece of shit, but I’m willing to give JGL a little more credit than just one forgettable romantic comedy.

Now, he’s got a film that he not only stars in, but also wrote and directed. It’s called Don Jon (what a lame title) and it follows a porn-addicted man that suddenly falls in love and must now come to terms with things like emotions and relationships and such. Hard stuff aye?

The original synopsis sounded like a lighter version of Shame, but now that we’ve seen the trailer I can definitely say that this film looks drastically different and not in a bad way.

It looks funny, but it also looks like its tackling the subject matter in a mature way, with a few jokes here and there.

JGL looks like the right man to lead the film and Scarlett Johansson is always welcomed.

Don Jon hits theaters on October 18th, 2013.

Check out the trailer below:

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