Surplus Of Dream Theater News

The progressive metal giant that is Dream Theater preformed with their new drummer live for the first time since Mike Portnoy left some time ago. From the video below, newest DT addition Mike Mangini, who’s name sounds more or less sounds like a drumming magician, shows off his chops with a very solid drum solo in his ridiculously massive drum set.

Now I have personally never listened to Dream Theater before watching this video, but after, I feel like checking them out for the sheer instrumental magic that they seem to produce when together. I’m a sucker for the likes of 8 minute songs that the ratio of singing to instrumental is 10% to 90%.

Now to catch up on some other slightly late news:

The band’s 12th studio album is set to be released September 13, 2011, and is named A Dramatic Turn of Events. There are nine tracks on the new album, promptly displayed below thanks to Ultimate Guitar:

1. On The Backs Of Angels
2. Build Me Up, Break Me Down
3. Lost Not Forgotten
4. This Is The Life
5. The Shaman’s Trance
6. Outcry
7. Far From Heaven
8. Breaking All Illusions
9. Beneath The Surface

The first single to be released from this album is called On The Backs of Angels and can be heard below!

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