Super Review

James Gunn manages to direct a very dark comedy that has a deep emotional core at the center thanks to its wonderful acting by Mr. Rainn Wilson. That’s not to say that the rest of the cast didn’t deliver, but Wilson manages to grab this movie by the balls and squeeze really tight. It’s brutal in its execution and it has several messages that it gets across very well. Super is a great movie that needs to be seen by many and I think that it’s fairly fresh when compared to all the other superhero type films in release. It never feels old or boring and it certainly has its fair share of surprises.

Super is about a man who ends up losing his wife to a drug dealer. When I say losing, I mean that she has left him for this slimy drug dealer. This drug dealer is played by Kevin Bacon and I must say Bacon nailed it just right. He always managed to give off that negative vibe while never managing to fully become the bad guy. His character is a bad man, but he never really feels like much of a threat. Rainn Wilson plays Frank, who just lost his wife and is in search for what to do with his life. His answer comes in the form of a costume and mask. Frank decides that the best way to cope with losing his wife is to become The Crimson Bolt, a superhero that fights all forms of evil. By the time Frank becomes The Crimson Bolt, it becomes fairly obvious that this guy has some serious mental problems and that he needs help, but that’s what makes this movie so interesting. You follow this man as he fights crime in the name of what he thinks is good and eventually you see him join up with a side kick named Libby, played by Ellen Page. Libby becomes Boltie, his trusty sidekick in the fight against evil. Up until teaming up with Boltie, it is clear that The Crimson Bolt has barriers. He is a little weird, but he never breaks that wall between right and wrong. He’s somewhat grounded and that tends to keep him out of serious trouble, but once he meets Libby, the gloves are off. The Crimson Bolt and Boltie immediately escalate the situation, which leads to several deaths and injuries. It’s like they give you the first half of the film and you dig it and sort of start to embrace the insanity and then BOOM, your hit with the second half of the film that is completely nuts! It all unfolds really nicely and I think that it’s the tone of the film that really works. Super is a crazy idea that really could work in real life and that’s what makes it feel so fresh and unique, where Kick-Ass got fictional, Super got more real. Super also has a very touching ending that I think displays the message of the film really well. I don’t want to ruin that experience for you, but I think that a lot of people are going to be surprised with how well Super was put together.

I really enjoyed Super. I knew that I was going to like it, but I was worried that certain elements were going to be toned down or not displayed at all and that wasn’t the case. Director James Gunn wasn’t afraid to get really dark and the end result was magnificent! I’m a huge fan of dark comedies and Super proudly stands with the best of ’em. It’s got a ton of gore and violence and a lot of dark situations that you can’t believe just happened. The way Rainn Wilson balances Frank and The Crimson Bolt is stunning. One minute he’s crying and sobbing over his wife and the next minute he’s beating a man within an inch of his life for cutting in line at a movie theater. It’s that type of craziness that kept me drawn to Super.

The only minor problem I had was Ellen Page. It’s no secret that I strongly dislike her. I think she was the weakest part of the whole film. I give her credit for not being as annoying as her usual self, but every once in a while she would let out an annoying laugh or a really dumb comment that pushed me away from loving this film. I will say that this is probably her best film (one that I tolerated her the most in) and she did manage to become even more insane than Rainn Wilsons character, but I still can’t stand her. That’s really the only thing I disliked about Super and that’s a really small complaint.

Overall, Super is a dark comedy with a positive message. It’s insane on many levels and one can even say that it’s depressing, but due to the excellent performance by Rainn Wilson, it manages to become a good film on many levels. It’s very unique in its direction and it certainly isn’t for everyone. If Super interests you at all, I suggest that you view the trailer by clicking here and then go from there. It’s everything the trailer displays amplified by 10 as far as violence and dark humor is concerned.

Super – 8/10

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