Super Mario Is Returning To The 3DS…In 2D

There’s no escape from Nintendo news today, folks. It was announced by Nintendo president Satoru Iwata at the recent investor Q&A that there is a new Super Mario game in the works, though it bears little resemblance to 2011’s Super Mario 3D Land…in fact, it may be more comparable to 1989’s Super Mario (not 3D) Land. If you haven’t figured it out (or neglected to read the title of the article), Mario’s next 3DS adventure is going to be a two-dimensional sidescroller.

The only information given by Nintendo to the public is that the game is on track to be released within the next fiscal year. But really, we don’t need a ton of information; it’s a 2D Mario platformer, what the fuck else does anybody need to know? It’s pretty safe to say that quality isn’t a concern here. Actually, if we were to speak of the Mario franchise as a whole, quantity wouldn’t be an issue either. The new sidescroller is also going to be joining fellow handheld games Luigi’s Mansion 2 and an iteration of Paper Mario.

The last 2D Mario outing, 2009’s New Super Mario Bros. Wii (also known as Super Mario Bros.: Asshole Edition), was met with universal acclaim and was a legitimate console mover for the Wii. It says a lot about a game when people are willing to part with their precious money to buy both the game itself and a console to play it on. I’d be legitimately shocked if the upcoming year of Mario didn’t do the same for the 3DS.

If Nintendo plays their cards eloquently enough with their upcoming big-name releases, the brand new Nintendo Network, continued support of the 3DS, and the distant-yet-near release of the Wii U, 2012 could easily see the big N return to its former glory.

[Source: Nintendo]

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