Summer Movie Guide: July 2012 – Week 4

Step Up Revolution

The latest sequel in the Step Up franchise may not have Channing Tatum, but the franchise has proven a money maker without him, solely on the popularity of dance shows and movies at the moment.  This one is being heavily promoted, and it’s in 3D, so that should spike grosses, but this one is a safe money maker, no one is worried about it.  It has a built in audience, and they’ll come see the movie no matter who it is that does the dancing.

The Watch

Despite the name change (all because of the Trayvon Martin incident that the public has already largely forgotten about) this one looks like it will be exactly what we’ve come to expect from the people involved, and with Seth Rogen and his writing partner Evan Goldberg taking a pass at the script, and The Lonely Island’s Akiva Schaffer behind the camera, you can be sure that this one will have a crafty plot and plenty of dirty humor.  In a landscape barren of an R-rated comedy hit until next month, this one will play well to people that already saw The Dark Knight Rises.


Iron Sky

After the crazy trailer for Iron Sky, a lot of people got excited to see the film, starring Udo Kier about Nazis living on the dark side of the moon, preparing their comeback to Earth.  The film is an amalgamation of efforts, a Finnish/Australian/German co-production, 10% of the film was funded through crowd sourcing.  It’s finally seeing limited release from Entertainment One.  Oddly enough, Walt Disney Studios is putting the film out in Finland, but if you get a chance to check this one out, you should.  My review will be coming by the weekend. 

Killer Joe

The latest from William Friedkin is another team up with playwright Tracy Letts (the last one, Bug received mixed reactions) to adapt his play Killer Joe.  Matthew McConaughey plays the titular Joe, and Emile Hirsch and Juno Temple also star in the film, which was given an NC-17 by the MPAA, so this one will be hard to find, but the trailer looks excellent, and I’m anticipating seeing this one when I can.


This Danish R-rated off beat comedy is finally opening in the US from Tim League’Drafthouse Films label, which recently released The FP (my review for that is coming shortly).  This one is about a strange man attempting to prove his fatherhood potential with seemingly little success at every turn.

Ruby Sparks

Based on a screenplay by star Zoe Kazan, this romantic comedy is about a young author (Paul Dano) who invents a character named Ruby Sparks that he believes will love him.  When she becomes real, he must confront his creation head on.  This one is from the producers of Little Miss Sunshine so you know what the comedy will be like.  Star Zoe Kazan has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies (like I Hate Valentine’s Day and Bored to Death) but this is her first break as a writer/star.  This one will probably end up expanding after this weekend.

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