Summer Movie Guide: August 2012 – Week 3

The Expendables 2

It’s finally here.  The ridiculous action-fest The Expendables was supposed to be the end-all-be-all of action stars in a single movie, doing things they do best, like shooting people and blowing shit up.  Well, they’re back, and they’ve added Chuck Norris and oddly enough, Liam Hemsworth.  With the rumor that there will be a third Expendables movie including even older guys, this one should be fun at the very least, but you know what you’re getting into.


The film that would have been sold on Jordin Sparks’ name alone if it weren’t for the sudden death of Whitney Houston.  Instead, the movie has played up her role in the film, and since it’s her last film, people will go to see it because they want to see her one last time, but other than that, looks like another movie for the American Idol crowd and not much beyond that.

The Odd Life Of Timothy Green

Disney‘s latest offering to families of most ages is good counter-programming to the blockbuster wars, and it’s perfect for the families trying to enjoy that last week before school starts.  Joel Edgerton and Jennifer Garner are both likeable enough, and the film looks harmless enough, with the Disney stamp it will probably be a good little money maker.


Focus Features put the LAIKA animation studio back to work on their follow up to Coraline, a film I enjoyed for the technical aspects, but the story left something to be desired.  ParaNorman looks to be just that, and with the improvements in 3D the past few years, I’m sure this will look even cooler.


The Awakening

An interesting cast doesn’t necessarily make an interesting movie.  Even though The Awakening has some good acting talent in Rebecca Hall and Dominic West, that doesn’t make the movie look any less boring.


I’ve been patiently waiting for new David Cronenberg, and although this is a NY/LA only release, it means we’re that much closer to the Blu-Ray date.  That’s when I’ll be able to check it out, unless it does well and expands wide, which is possible, it depends on whether Robert Pattinson‘s star is rising or falling each week.  We’ll see.


This is another one that is only playing one screen, but luckily it is on most VOD outlets, so I’ll be reviewing it shortly.  From the creator of Homestar Runner, Compliance got great marks at festivals all around as an all-too-creepy true story gets under your skin, exploring the depths of how far people will go to save their own asses.

Why Stop Now?

This is another one getting a NY/LA release from IFC Films but it’s also available on VOD.  I reviewed the film when it first hit VOD, and wasn’t that impressed, definitely not something worth trudging out to the theater for, but I guess some people just like to be alternative.  Or they see every last thing Tracy Morgan is in, like me.

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