Summer Movie Guide: August 2012 – Week 2

The Bourne Legacy

Jeremy Renner is the latest addition to the Jason Bourne series, continuing the saga of the secret program that was designed to build super-spies in the previous Bourne films.  Simply “inspired by” the Robert Ludlum novels, many (including Jeremy in his review) found the biggest problems with the film in the story itself.  Renner’s star is only climbing, but this could be a slight bump in the road on his way to leading man superstardom.  For those that just absolutely love spy films, there is probably something here to check out.

The Campaign

The 2012 election has been good for one thing:  Comedy.  From Conan O’Brien to the cast of SNL, many comedians have been able to capitalize on the ridiculousness of the concept of a campaign.  So here come Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis to grill the whole process in what looks like the funniest comedy of the summer.  Meet the Parents director Jay Roach heads up the crazy antics that Courtney found entertaining in her review.

Hope Springs

Counter-programming is a wonderful thing for some movies, and audiences over 50 that don’t care about raunchy political humor will find solace in Hope Springs with Tommy Lee Jones and Meryl Streep.  Toss in Steve Carrell and there are a lot of happy older people at the theater this weekend.  While the movie may not come out a smash hit at the box office, it offers something different, and the trailers make it look tolerable at the very least.

Nitro Circus The Movie 3D

The latest 3D offering at the theater is Nitro Circus The MovieTravis Pastrana‘s insane stunt crew doing wild things you wouldn’t think you’d ever see.  Although there is not a huge audience for this type of movie, those looking for an awesome 3D experience need to look no further.


Red Hook Summer

Spike Lee is back with this low-key “spiritual sequel” to Do the Right Thing.  We’ve heard very little about the film up to this point, but since it’s a Spike Lee joint, everyone walking in to watch it knows exactly what they’re going to get.  An intelligent, well made film about the issues Lee cares about.  Toss in a few great actors and this might be a sleeper drama.

2 Days in New York

French actress Julie Delpy has spent the past few years of her career making her own films.  Her latest is 2 Days in New York, a follow-up to her 2007 film 2 Days in Paris, which starred herself and Adam Goldberg in a similar tale of a married couple.  This one is for those that just can’t get enough Woody Allen-style romance and drama.

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