Submarine Review

Once again I have found a movie that has come out of the shadows and emerged itself into something that I found myself enjoying. When I say that this movie came out of the shadows, I really mean it. I did watch a trailer but I still didn’t know much based off of it. In my opinion the trailer didn’t do a very good job. Therefore, even after the trailer, I knew next to nothing about Submarine before I went and saw it.  I had heard that there were some good reviews on the movie but I hadn’t read anything on it.

Submarine is about a fifteen year old named Oliver Tate. Oliver is a little weird expecially when it comes to his goals in his life at the current point in time. He is watching his parents marriage start to widdle away slowly as each day passes. Oliver thinks that his mom might be having an affair with one of her old friends therefore he takes it upon himself to try and jump start it back to the way it was before. How does he do this? He starts monitoring the dimmer switch in their bedroom just to see how often they are being intimate. Then of course he writes it all down in his journal, dates and how far the switch was turned. He even goes as far as writing letters from each of his parents and giving them to the opposite one to suggest how much they love each other.  The second priority that he has going on in his life is that of losing his virginity before his next birthday. He finds himself attempting to try and win over a classmate’s, Jordana, love. Jordana is a self-proclaimed pyromaniac who bounces between whoever wants her.

This movie stars Craig Roberts as Oliver Tate. Throughout the movie not only was he acting but he was also narrating through the character’s journals. I was pleasantly surprised at how well he did as the main character because I had never heard of him before. Roberts’s other films include Jane Eyre (2011). Technically Submarine  was filmed before Jane Eyre was therefore this was his first film, otherwise he has done a significant amount of TV series. We also see the likes of Sally Hawkins as Jilly Tate, Yasmin Paige as Jordana Bevan and Noah Taylor as Lloyd Tate. I felt like they all did a splendid job. Roberts was my favorite, he just seemed to capture the awkward adolscent child feeling.

Submarine was written and directed by Richard Ayoade. Ayoade has written roughly 11 different TV series and acted in another 15. This movie isn’t the first movie he has directed however this one definately is one that will get his name out there as a director. He did such an excellent job with this film. Some of the scenes were shot perfectly to get every little detail correct. Some of them were even shot at the angle just to get the awkwardness into them. The thing that I found most accurate in this film was the adolscent awkwardness is right there. It’s not even always the awkwardness either, it could be just the fact that children get hit by the effect of seeing such things as their parents splitting. They decide to take it upon themselves to fix everything.

Surprisingly generic the storyline was, it still felt refreshing. Like I stated above, I found myself liking the acting of everyone from Roberts down through the supporting cast. Richard Ayoade hit this one out of the ballpark where he needed to. This allows him to get his name out there and show that he knows what he is doing. Expect to see others from him now. One thing that I wasn’t too sure about was if I was going to think this was funny. I just want to state that this was hilarious, absolutely hilarious. It had it’s dark humor and sometimes dry humor. I was just simply surprised, because I didn’t know what to expect.

Even though I thought this movie was awesome all around, there were still some flaws that stuck out. The number one flaw that stuck out for me was the fact that it hit a snag about halfway through the movie. It just seemed to slow down even more than the pace already was going. It was already a slower paced movie, but then to take an even slower pace than before just kind of hurt. There were a few times that it was like, “ugh”, but I got over them quickly. It seemed like the snag in the road was because the storyline was attempting to expand it’s supporting cast list. It almost didn’t seem necessary but who knows, maybe it was. Last but not least for the dislikes was the trailer. I know the trailer didn’t have to deal with the movie itself, but after walking out of the theater and thinking about the trailer I got a little frustrated. I don’t understand why they marketed the trailer the way that they did. It just doesn’t make any sense. Had I based my entire judgement on whether to see the movie or not from the trailer, I would have missed out on this film unfortunately.

Overall Submarine was an excellent movie. It was a different style than I originally thought it was going to be because of the trailer. It was really funny where it needed to be and also very awkward when it needed to be. I felt like the casting was a good choice, they did a fantastic job all around. Also, this could be Ayoade’s breakout film that allows the floodgates to open up for him. Let’s hope so, I’d like to see more films by him. As long as he was capable of making them as refreshing as that one of course. If you find yourself interested in funny yet awkward situations then this is the movie for you. Just whatever you do, please don’t watch the trailer.

Submarine – 9/10

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