Street Fighter X Tekken DLC Possibly Revealed

In a recent article, I mentioned that as long as DLC is done properly, I don’t have a problem with it. Now, just look at this rumored list of DLC for the upcoming Street Fighter X Tekken:

Boost Gem Pack 1 – $2.99
Includes 9 new gems to equip to your characters.

Boost Gem Pack 2 – $2.99
Includes 9 new gems to equip to your characters.

Color Edit Pack 1 – FREE
Includes 4 new colors to use in the Color Edit mode.

Costume Swap S Pack – $9.99
Includes a new costume for each of the Street Fighter characters, based on a Tekken character.

Costume Swap T Pack – $9.99
Includes a new costume for each of the Tekken characters, based on a Street Fighter character.

Costume Swap X Pack – $15.99
A combination of the S Pack and T Pack – Includes new costumes for each character, based on characters from the opposite series.

New Challengers Pack – $7.99
Adds 4 new characters to the game: Cody, Guy, Christie and Leo.

X Unlocker – $4.99
Unlocks two secret characters, Akuma and Ogre, as well as all additional character colors and special modes without having to perform the in-game tasks to unlock them.

This is not downloadable content done properly. If this does end up being the initial DLC for the game, I would consider it to be blatant abuse of digital distribution in video games. Sixteen dollars for a costume pack, regardless of the number of characters it affects, is just ridiculous. The least offensive item on this list is the New Challengers pack, as I personally think new characters are worth paying for (especially in a fighter such as this); but this begs the question: if these characters are part of the initial DLC, why not include them in the game in the first place? I really shouldn’t be surprised, Capcom is notorious for this shit. As always, unconfirmed rumors like this should be taken with a shaker of salt.

Street Fighter X Tekken is to be released in North America on March 6th, 2012, although knowing Capcom, I’m sure that Super Street Fighter X Tekken Hyper Turbo HD will be released six months thereafter.

[Source: Hadoken]

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