Stop Whatever You’re Doing And Watch The New Devin Townsend Project Video!

That’s right, the master of the universe Mr. Devin Townsend himself has released a video for the single “Juular” off of his masterful opus Deconstruction.  Check it out below.

Was that not the funniest 4 minutes of your week?  “Juular” is one of my favorite tracks on Deconstruction and embodies the tone and candor of the album perfectly.  It’s like a circus gone horribly wrong and the dual personalities at war in the song are perfectly represented in the video.  And Devin in crazy old loon makeup is pure gold!  It represents exactly what Devin was going through musically while writing the record:  His inner conflict between the angst he feels when he is compelled to write heavy music and his softer, more mature side that wants to create beautiful sweeping melodies.  He is one of the most honest musicians working today and the song and video capture his process impeccably.  And who should be conducting the train but Ziltoid himself?  Rawk!

Deconstruction is out now.  Get ahold of it if you know what’s good for you.


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