Steve’s Top Ten Video Games Of 2011

What’s up guys? Sorry I’ve been gone for a couple of weeks. I’ve been busy with family stuff as well as playing a whole new batch of games so that I can review them. I’m not one to review a game without playing it. But since we’re nearing the end of 2011 and since my next review isn’t ready just yet, I thought it would only be right for me to make a Top 10 list of my top games of 2011. So I figure I’ll show the games in order from 10 to 1 and then explain briefly why that game was chosen in that spot! So here we go!

Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a game I didn’t quite get to at launch, mainly because Gamefly wouldn’t send it to me as there were too many copies of it already out. But when I did finally get it, man was I blown away. Having not played the first two Deus Ex games, I had no idea what to expect. Plus this game is a prequel to the first game anyway, so I didn’t miss anything. But from the time I put the disk into my system until the time I sent it back after I beat it, I knew that it was a game that I loved. It’s very much a stealth sci-fi shooter with every aspect that I love from an RPG. It’s a perfect mix and it’s the reason it made it onto my top 10 list!

inFAMOUS 2 is the sequel I was looking for! If anyone here knows me, they know that I loved the first inFAMOUS game! It was my top rated PS3 title before Uncharted 2 came out and when most sequels are more of the same, and this is as well, but they threw in enough action and new features for me to fall in love all over again! And what’s even better, it’s in a whole new city!

TIEBattlefield 3 & Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. Now I know I am going to get a huge flame war for this one, and I’m ready for it, but I think after you read my next review, which will be a vs. piece on these very same two games, you’ll understand more. But let me give my reason for this tie. First off, Battlefield 3 is the best online multiplayer shooter since COD4. However, its campaign sucks. Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign is possibly the best in the series, however, its multiplayer is severely lacking. So there you have it. That should hold you over a few days until my full review is up.

L.A. Noire was my early pick back in May for Game of the Year. So this should tell you how much time can change things. I love L.A. Noire, still to this day. Having 100%’d the story and all the DLCs released and getting every achievement in the game. I still go back and play it to this day. I love it. It’s Grand Theft Auto from the other side of the spectrum. Instead of being a criminal on the run from the cops, you are the cop chasing the criminal. A definite day one buy for me, and I did!

Saints Row The Third. What more can be said? Volition did it again. When the first game came out, it had the right amount of open world sandbox crime game ala GTA, with just enough insanity to please people. However when the second game came out, they cranked up the insanity to 10! No one figured they could top it, plus it was going on 3 years and we hadn’t seen anything about the series. But then they announced it. Then we saw some screen shots, then some trailers, and then we got our hands on it. And oh man, they cranked up the insanity to 50! No way! How did they do it? I don’t know, but I for one am hoping for a Saints Row 4 on the next gen of consoles!

Uncharted 3 should have been much higher on my list, seeing how Uncharted 2 took home GOTY honors from me. And there was nothing wrong with this game, let me say that right off the bat. But there were 2 key aspects that led it to be #5 on my 2011 list. First, Uncharted 3 has much better competition than its previous game did. And second, Naughty Dog didn’t deliver as much as they could have. When Uncharted 2 came out, it blew away not only the first game in the series, but everything else that was out at the time. It was leaps and bounds better. But this time, it’s almost like they decided to not add much of anything new and to just rush out a game just to make a buck. And while it is great, it’s just not #1 spot worthy.

Gears of War 3! Let me say it again for you…Gears of War 3! I could just go on to #3 here and be satisfied, but I wouldn’t do that to you. The Gears of War series is very near and dear to my heart. I remember all the late night gaming sessions with Jeremy himself on the first game. We had our group of friends who played and we kicked ass! But then our group fell apart, much the way that Gears 2 did, because that game was plagued with lag and bugs and was considered a fail by most. But then Epic did the unthinkable and released the best Gears game ever! Gears of War 3 not only ties up the series and ends it, but has many moments where you just…well you feel like crying, whether it be for sadness or joy. Gears of War 3 earns my #4 spot with ease!

Portal 2 launched back in mid-April of 2011 when nothing else out there was doing much of anything. And when it came out, I automatically said it was the best game of the year and it may have been still for other people. I even did a video play through of it on YouTube. Portal 2 is an extremely fun yet very challenging game because it’s a FPP. Yes I said FPP; its a first person puzzle game. It’s one of the best games I’ve played this generation and would have taken a higher spot, but then something happened…

Batman: Arkham City was released! Now when Batman: Arkham Asylum came out, people praised it because we had finally gotten a great Batman game, because let’s face it, the other ones sucked! But when Arkham Asylum came out, no one figured Rocksteady would release a sequel and blow everyone’s friggin’ mind! Arkham City is just simply the greatest super hero game ever made, and it’s not even about a super hero. It literally has everything a fan of the Batman lore could ask for! And had this come out in 2010 or maybe 2012, it would have easily been #1, but then…

Wait for it guys, it’s coming…

Do you guys hear that?

It sounds like…


That’s right; that was lame, but you know what isn’t lame? The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim! You guys already read my review and I put enough into it for you guys to figure out that this game was easily going take the #1 spot on my Top 10 for 2011! I friggin’ love this game. I just plugged 5 more hours into it today, and yeah, I already beat it before I wrote my review! That total puts me up just over 115 hours in Skyrim. And to say I loved every hour, just wouldn’t be right. Because I loved every second of it! In fact, early 2012, when there are no new games, when I’m waiting for Mass Effect 3 to finally come out, I’m going to make a new save and probably log another 100+ hours into it! I love it that much, that’s why it’s my #1 game for 2011 and certainly in my top 5 for best games of this generation! Maybe that countdown will come out someday.

Anyways, thanks for reading you guys, I hope you enjoyed it! I certainly have! 2011 is now drawing ever closer to an end and I welcome 2012 and all the new gaming adventures it will bring me and I look very much forward to sharing them with you guys while I continue to write for The Daily Rotation! Thanks for an epic month you guys and I look forward to many more!

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