Steve’s Best Of/Most Anticipated Games Of 2012

Resident Evil 6 – October 2nd
Ahh the series that lost its way. Don’t get me wrong, they’re great, but it seems they are becoming the new Guitar Hero. I mean I’ve counted…and since the original, and including remakes and re-releases, their have been 23 games to grace the RE name with 6 being the 23rd. Sure its been over the lot of almost 20 years, but damn, I remember how scared to DEATH I was when I rented the first game and spent the night inside that mansion! It was fresh, new, innovative and scary as shit! But it seems time has not done it justice as the series seems to have gotten much worse (in my personal opinion) with RE5 being the worst of the numbered series. Of course ORC is the worst one Ive ever played, and so far, RE4 has been the best. But when I saw the trailer for RE6, I almost made a hole in my ceiling jumping for joy, but knowing Capcom the way I do, I’ll wait for that hole to open on October 2nd when I get my hands on it! Do me some justice Capcom, don’t f@&! this up!

Dishonored – October 9th
Dishonored is a new IP from Bethesda, but its actually being developed by Arkane Studios, a studio who helped work on Bioshock 2. And honestly, not much else has come from them. So I was a little weary about this game. I mean Bethesda has developed amazing games in their past, but the games that they publish from other studios, like Wet, Brink & Rage, all have flopped in my book with Brink being the worst of the bunch. But when I saw this game previewed at E3, I was kind of shocked. This game looks pretty damn amazing and the way they described it as a very stealthy FPS game, kinda has me hooked. Im hoping for a demo before the release date, but knowing Bethesda, screen shots and videos are gonna be all I get before October 9th.

Forza Horizon – October 23rd
Ahhh Forza Motorsport 5! Man I can’t wait. Oh, whats that? This isn’t 5? Horizon? A Forza game only partially developed by Turn 10? Why is this even on my list then? Because it sounds bad ass to me! I love Forza! I also happen to have a mad crush on games like Blur and Split Second. And this studio, Playground Games, was founded by people who worked on those games! Win win in my book! Changing the formula of Forza 3 & 4? Why not? One thing that was in my head when I beat Forza 4 was…this is just like when I beat Forza 3. I didn’t want them to announce Forza 5 and have it be the same thing because I don’t want anymore series going the route of Call of Duty or Madden or Guitar Hero. This is an open world game almost like Burnout Paradise was and I LOVED that game! It reminds me of that Burnout Paradise style or even the older Driver games and guess what? Some of the guys from those games work at Playground Games! YES! I want this game now!

Medal of Honor: Warfighter – October 23rd
Why the hell is a Medal of Honor game on my list after the reboot sucked so hard you might be asking? Well because I enjoyed the reboot, duh. The people who didn’t like the reboot, were the COD players who hated the camping in the game or the Battlefield players who said the maps were too small. Yes, DICE of Battlefield fame did the multiplayer for the reboot. Want to know why it sucked? Because EA had them dumb down everything including the size of the maps DICE is known for to compete with COD. I think DICE did the best with what they could and proved their still the kings of MP with BF3. Well this time its all up to Danger Close who I feel did an amazing job on the single player with the reboot. I very much look forward to this game, and way more than the new Black Ops 2!

Assassins Creed III – October 30th
I don’t even know what the hell I can say at this point about ACIII…I just want it in my hands right now and it kills me that I can’t play it till the end of October! I mean seriously. I’m not even gonna type anything here. Just watch this video below…

WWE ’13 – October 30th
Keen eyed and sharp minded readers will note that the previous game, WWE ’12, was indeed my very first review written here at The Daily Rotation! Well this time, THQ are stepping up their game big time!!! Bringing back the beloved Attitude Era from the late 90s and showing off their biggest roster in a WWE game ever! Even with THQs financial troubles lately, they haven’t slowed down one bit. And every time news or a video gets released about this game, it hasn’t done anything to diminish my excitement! WWE ’13 is very close to the top of my want list this October!

Call Of Duty: Black Ops II – November 13th
Ahh the big gorilla in the room. Or would that be guerrilla? Another year, another Call of Duty game. But wait, this one is trying new stuff? Yeah right, like they would ever add new stuff to a COD game. Well guess what? THEY DID! Tons of it in fact. New setting, new features for MP, new game on my want list. Before E3 2012, they talked about how Black Ops II will be set in the future. I instantly face-palmed myself. What they showed campaign wise at E3 I was like “This COULD be cool if they do it right.” What they showed MP wise at Gamescom, I was like “OMFG I WANT THAT NOW!” I can’t even fit it all in this article, but one thing I am hyped for is the ability to Podcast..err…CODcast? matches onto YouTube for my viewers! Before I had to go through the hassle of setting up my camera, alining it with my TV, going to theater, going into the match, yada yada yada. Well Treyarch is helping me ditch that! I wish and hope more games try this kind of stuff out.

Hitman: Absolution – November 20th
I gotta be honest, I’ve never played a Hitman game before this. I know, weird. But from what Ive seen and heard about this game, I really wanna play it. It looks bad ass! I’d love to run around as a hitman in disguise and have to figure out who my contract is before figuring out how to kill them. And Ive even seen people buck the system and just pull out a gun right away haha! This game looks sick and will easily be the game I end my 2012 Gaming Season with.

Well guys, that’s it. I hope you enjoyed the list. I know I won’t be able to play all of these right when they release due to low funds, but I will eventually. And you can look forward to some serious reviewing when the gaming season kicks off for me! Thanks for reading and have a good one!

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