Steve’s Best Of/Most Anticipated Games Of 2012

Sniper Elite V2 – May 1st
Sniper Elite V2 is one of those games where no one knows a damn thing about it, no ones heard of the original, and no one seems to care. I personally had never heard of this game until I saw a post online about the demo. I thought to myself “Wow, a demo of a sniper game, lets check that out!” So I grabbed my camera, fired up the demo and recorded a play through of it. AND I FELL HEAD OVER HEELS IN LOVE WITH IT! I’m not joking, I played that demo level 63 times! So naturally this game was a buy for me! After quite a big hiccup on launch day where no stores in the US got their game on May 1st and we all had to wait a day, I still loved playing it!

Max Payne 3 – May 15th
“But Steve, if you played Max Payne 3, one of the biggest games of the year, why didn’t you review it?” Well because I don’t feel any review I could write would do the game any justice. Max Payne is just one of those games where some people love it, and everyone else hates it. Which could be said for every game, but Max Payne more than a lot of others. Its one of Rockstar’s best series in my honest opinion and a definite contender thus far for GOTY!

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – May 22nd
Yet another addition to the Ghost Recon franchise. Could it possibly be any good? Well, that depends on what time of shooter you’re looking for. If your main shooter every year is Call of Duty and you like to run and gun, camp, all these labels that CoD franchise has earned, then no. You’re going to hate the hell out of this game. But if you’re like me and you enjoy a game of stealth or strategy, and you don’t mind taking your time to get that kill, then give it a shot. You shouldn’t be disappointed with this title!

The Walking Dead Episode 2 – June 27th
So as I mentioned with Episode 1 of this game, it took FOREVER for Episode 2 to come out. It was a huge controversy when TellTale Games said on the forum that it was the Xbox 360 version that was holding the game from coming out since Microsoft had a contract that stated the game must come out on their platform the same day as other platforms. So the fans who bought the season pass on PS3 or PC were shafted out of our “monthly” episodes. But when the day came that we finally got Episode 2, even though we had to wait a little while longer after it released due to a bug they patched, it seemed all was forgiven because we got an amazing episode out of it! And I can’t wait for Episode 3 to be released this month!

Top 15 Most Anticipated of 2012: 2nd Half

Counter Strike Global Offensive – August 21st
Its been almost 12 years since the original Counter Strike went from a mod to a full retail title. And with the release of Global Offensive, I feel we are finally getting a good console title for those of us with pockets that don’t run deep enough for PC gaming. But for those on PC playing it, they do get what looks like a killer zombie mod on release day with the promise of many more to come! Maybe the next gen of consoles will be mod friendly, because I feel the PC being so mod friendly these days is what keeps it thriving.

Transformers: Fall of Cybertron – August 21st
3 years ago, everyone thought that movie/game combos were dead in the water. We’ve all seen extremely bad games, especially in the category of Transformers. But then when Rocksteady released Batman Arkham Asylum in 2009, it seemed like everything had changed. There were such things as AMAZING games based on movies/comic books/etc. Well we didn’t have to wait long for the Transformers to get their turn when in 2010, High Moon Studios released Transformers: War For Cybertron. The game was amazing! It made it OK to be a Transformers fan (cartoon, not Michael Bay‘s pathetic excuse for movies). Well, after playing the demo, it seems they have done it again with Transformers: Fall of Cybertron. I mean come on…GRIMLOCK! That’s all I have to say for Transformers fans. Yes he’s a Dinobot, but Transformers fans know him well and its great to have him in the game!

Madden NFL 13 – August 21st
Many people hate this series these days for their lack of innovation year to year, ala Call Of Duty, but I’ve been a huge Madden fan for 20 years, ever since I first played Madden ’93. Which was considered to be the best Madden before 2004 released. It was even included with the collectors edition of Madden 09 for the 20 year anniversary, even with updated rosters! And even though, the biggest overhaul every year for the last few games has been mainly the graphics, it’s still very enjoyable to me and 13 will be no different. I love throwing it in when I have friends over and beating their asses with my Tennessee Titans or San Diego Chargers, and this year I can’t wait to play with my old team, the San Francisco 49ers after their great year last year!

Borderlands 2 – September 18th
The original game was something that seemed interesting to me when I saw its commercials. Bazillions of guns, a nice blend of RPG & FPS, and a cartoony style that I really haven’t seen before. But I wasn’t sold. Until I borrowed the game from my cousin. I spent PLENTY of hours playing, and it was a sad day when he wanted the game back. But literally that night, I went to Gamestop and bought my own copy. So I was EXTREMELY happy when Borderlands announced the sequel! New characters, even more guns, new enemies! Everything I loved is back and the 2 or 3 things I disliked appear to be gone! Amazing! I WILL be picking this up!

NBA 2K13 – October 2nd
When I first got my Xbox 360 the day before Thanksgiving in 2006, the first game I played on it was NBA 2k6, because my Blockbuster was out of 2k7 copies. I had only previously played the EA Sports titles disregarding any sports games made by 2K, with the exception of NFL 2k5. But when I played this game, even back in 06 (which feels like it was 15 years ago now) I was blown away. It was amazing and looked as real as I’ve ever seen a game look! I was hooked. Never again would I buy an EA Basketball title. Well by the time NBA 2k11 came out, it was INSANE! They had Michael Jordan! The GOAT! 2k12 was no different, an AMAZING NBA game! And from what Ive heard so far, NBA 2k13 will be the same! Can’t wait to play it! Go Celtics!

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