Steven Soderbergh Says ‘Magic Mike’ Sequel Is Still On Its Way


Nothing surprised me more last year than Steven Soderbergh‘s Magic Mike. The movie looked like a quick summer cash-in on the female audiences and then suddenly it became one of the year’s most interesting films, providing a unique reaction to the economic climate from just a few short years earlier, while also showing off some of Soderbergh’s talents as an experimental director.

I was pleased and not afraid to admit it!

Steven Soderbergh is now on his way out of the directing field, but he hasn’t forgotten about the Magic Mike sequel that has been proposed by himself and Channing Tatum.

According to Soderbergh, the sequel is on its way and should feature most of the original cast. Here’s a quote that he dropped on what the sequel will be about:

A really hilarious and very cinematic idea that we reluctantly didn’t put in the first film.

Not much to go on, but at least it’s something. I doubt a sequel is really needed, especially without Soderbergh in the director’s chair, but it will be an interesting project to keep an eye on.

Source : Pride Source

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