Steven Soderbergh NOT Retiring

So Steven Soderbergh originally planned on making three more films after Contagion and Haywire, then it was reported that he would be retiring from film and becoming a painter. Now, word around town is that he just wants to take an extended leave, like 5 years. The Film Stage is reporting that Soderbergh does plan to come back, but he’s in no hurry.

I really enjoy Soderbergh’s work and this news is awesome to hear. I’m glad that he just wants to recharge those creative juices and still get back to what he does best, which is making films. I’m all for supporting him as a painter or visual designer or whatever he wants to do. He mentioned that he hates seeing those great talents that keep making stuff until they die, while their quality declines. He wants to go out on top and I think that’s a smart decision. Only make stuff that you really want to make.

One thing for sure is Soderbergh needs to stop talking about his possible retirement or extended leave. He just needs to go on an official website and decide on one or the other. I don’t know how many more stories I can take that rumor his departure from film!

What are your thoughts on the matter? Glad Soderbergh isn’t leaving the spotlight for good?


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