Steve Checks Out Haunted Hollywood Sports In Bellflower, CA


I recently got an email in my inbox that had me jumping for joy. I got an invite to Media Night at Haunted Hollywood Sports in my town. Hollywood Sports is a huge business that offers 23 acres of paintball & air-soft fun. I have never personally been to play, but I know a few people that have and they tell me its a blast. Its located on Somerset Blvd in my small town of Bellflower, CA which sits about 25 mins southeast of Los Angeles, when there’s minimal traffic. Well each October, they decide to go all out and turn the park into Haunted Hollywood Sports! What can they do with 23 acres to make it scary? The answer I found out on September 27th was A LOT!

For Media Night they pulled out all the stops. Full on dining room which is known as Club Crimson and had a full bar. And for Media Night, everything was free. We also got our swag bags which contained a camouflage backpack with the logo on it, a T-shirt, small blanket throw, 4 tickets for our friends, and information about the event. After enjoying our meal which was amazing we found out that they had 2 attractions open, a maze known as and sponsored by Venom (yes, the energy drink) and what they call a Killhouse. The Killhouse is basically an air-soft/paintball field done up and filled with characters that you get to shoot live ammunition at. This was my personal favorite thing of the night, but first we explored the Venom maze.

If you’ve ever been to or heard of Knotts Scary Farm, you know the basics of the mazes. However, the great folks at HHS have literally gone all out. I have been to Knotts Scary Farm a few times, but never have I found the mazes to be so creative as Venom was. From tight, close places that you have to navigate through to the crazy people inside haunting you, it was fun from the minute we walked through the curtain till the second we walked outside of the long dark maze! I don’t wanna spoil much but one of my favorite parts that I still haven’t recovered from was two giant balloons inflated and pushed together that lasted about 200 feet it seemed where you had to walk through it. It was very creative and very scary to navigate through! It was without a doubt one of my favorite things from any type of haunted park. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but I wish I could shake their hand, because even that leaves a lasting impression on you days later.


After the maze, we were navigated to the Zombie Killhouse. All of the actors, let me say, were excellent. From the zombies and crazy clowns to the guys dressed in full tactical military gear guiding us through the thing. Compared to the size of the maze, the Zombie Killhouse was HUGE! We walked in to the starting area and were each given a face mask and a semi-automatic air-soft assault rifle! Right then, we knew we would have a blast! When our group leader said “GO!” we went, and man, this was the most fun Ive had in quite awhile. We were guided through a very large area from house to house with zombies trying their best to get us. Each gun was loaded with 50 shots and we were told to fire on the zombies for survival! It was like the video game mod DayZ but in real life! It was full on adrenaline and it never stopped!

After the tour was over, we all got to head back to Club Crimson for dessert and a chance to mingle with the others. I had an amazing time and was sad to see it end, but I can not wait to go back once it officially opens on October 4th! I want to explore the rest of the event which when it opens will have 3 mazes, Venom, Cannibal Caverns & All American Armageddon. 3 Killhouses, Zombie Killhouse, Voodoo Killhouse & Deadman’s Trail Killhouse. Also 2 scarezones, Carnival Of The Damned (which was open for Media Night and was great fun) and Outpost Z. They’ll also have Club Crimson like I mentioned above, Evil Axis Shooting Range and the Suicide Rock wall challenge. Yes, ALL of that! Its a great time to be had for all and I HIGHLY recommend it if you live in the Los Angeles area. You can check out their website. I very much look forward to going back multiple times before it closes until next year and I hope to get invited back next year as well! I wanna close out this article by saying thank you to Jerry & Denice Paxton as well as Giovanni D’Egidio and his daughter Candice Catron ­and everyone who helped put on this amazing event! I very much look forward to coming to it for years to come!



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