Stephen King’s ‘Cell’ Getting Adapted By ‘Paranormal Activity 2’ Director


Iconic horror author Stephen King wrote a little book called Cell not too incredibly long ago. It was about some sort of killer virus that spread via cellphone. I read a good portion of it, before getting caught up in other things, but I always meant to return to it.

But then Eli Roth was once rumored to direct the film and I figured I’d wait until I saw the movie before returning to the novel, because most days the movies never can live up to the hype. Then that whole idea sort of faded away and Roth went on to do other things that weren’t the Cell.

Now we’ve got word that Paranormal Activity 2 director Tod Williams will be taking over for Roth and that the film will star John Cusack. I find it hard to judge Williams just yet, because found footage films have a very particular style that needs to be catered to and for all I know he did it well, even if the movie itself kind of sucked.

Maybe he’s got what it takes to adapt King’s novel or maybe not. I guess we’ll just have to wait and find out.

Source : Bad Ass Digest

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