Starz Pulls Content from Netlfix Wednesday

Wednesday, February 29th marks a day of change for Netflix, and some believe it may be a major blow to the company.  During Netflix‘s public relations backlash in response to the companies announcement of planned rate hikes and massive changes to their business model.

While a lot of those plans have ended up unraveling, they have been trying to make headway toward new content.  Unfortunately, they couldn’t reach an agreement with Starz, who called off negotiations, and as of Wednesday, will pull 800 or so programs from streaming availability.  That means things like Toy Story 3, Scarface, and even Spartacus: Blood and Sand and Party Down (original Starz series’) will be gone from the service on Wednesday.

The good folks over at TVandMoviesNow have compiled a list of what will be going, for those looking to update their queues, or seek out new sources to watch those films, like Amazon Prime.

Meanwhile, Netflix has made some deals with companies like DreamWorks and The Weinstein Company to get content exclusively before they would hit pay cable channels like Starz.

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