Spring Movie Guide: March 2013 – Week 2

The Call

the call


Director Brad Anderson has made the most of his opportunities in Hollywood.  Probably best known as the director of the incredible Session 9 and the body-morphing Christian Bale vehicle The Machinist, he has steadily been working as a TV director on a variety of great shows the past few years, taking a break to release his last feature Transsiberian a few years back to limited acclaim.  Now, he’s back with a studio thriller (rated R no less) starring Halle Berry as a 911 operator who receives a call from a young girl (Abigail Breslin) who has been adbucted, and her abductor has a personal connection to Berry’s character.  Reviews have been kind of mixed so far, and Jeremy told me he enjoyed it with a crowd, but that it wasn’t great.  His review will be coming shortly, until then, probably only for those really into horror movies and “real life” thrillers as opposed to supernatural ones.  The R rating is promising, as it won’t be watered down PG-13 crap, and Andrson is known for the intelligent stories he puts to film, so consider me interested.

The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
Early world on this one, starring Steve Carrell and Steve Buscemi as Vegas show magicians hasn’t been great, but I’m mainly interested in it to see Jim Carrey’s insane-looking turn as a Criss Angel-esque “street” magician.  The script was written by Horrible Bosses scribes John Francis Daley (of Freaks and Geeks fame) and his writing partner Jonathan Goldstein, who have scored some high profile jobs lately, including the sequel to Horrible Bosses and the upcoming Vacation remake.  Director Don Scardino directed more 30 Rock episodes than most of the series directors, and since that show’s end, he has seemingly stepped into the feature world, also keeping one foot in the land of TV just in case, it seems.  This one may not do incredibly well, but I’m sure it will be worth a chuckle or two, especially for those looking to see Jim Carrey in an increasingly rare screen appearance.  However, don’t get your hopes up, as it doesn’t sound great based on early screenings.


Spring Breakers

spring breakers

Harmony Korine has made a career for himself making strange films.  “Off-beat” is a little too mild, as his oeuvre skews to the completely fucked with features like Gummo, Mister Lonely, and Trash Humpers in his filmography.  Arguably his most “mainstream” looking film, the main draw seems to be seeing James Franco as a balls-out weirdo gangster named Alien, and some of your favorite Disney girls going bad in Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens.  This one has a very limited release this week, but look for it to expand next week as most schools across the country go on, you guessed it, Spring Break.  I can almost guarantee it’s not the type of movie 16 year olds will walk out of pleased, but then again, I’m not sure who will like this movie outside of Korine’s already solid fanbase, so we’ll see.


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