Spike Lee News Compendium: Mookie is Back! Oh, and So Is Oldboy!

So Spike Lee is stealing headlines left and right today, when he confirmed via his Twitter feed that he started his next project today.  The new film is called Red Hook Summer, about a man traveling from Georgia to the Red Hook section of Brooklyn, New York to stay for a summer, reports BlackFilm.

The bigger news about this project is that Spike Lee will be in the film, reprising the role of Mookie, which he made famous in his 1989 hit Do the Right Thing.  With that in mind, many people believe this film will be similar in theme, examining the cultural differences of characters in New York, which is a pretty safe bet.  However, with sparse details on it thus far, we can only make guesses.

In other news regarding Spike Lee, it was revealed today via Twitter that Mandate Pictures has confirmed Lee as the director of their long-gestating remake of the Korean thriller Oldboy, which has gone through many possible directors in the past, most notably once being attached to Justin Lin of the Fast and Furious movies,  and even Will Smith  has been rumored as a possibility to play the titular alumni.

What will Spike Lee‘s Oldboy look like?  For now, again, we can only guess, but I’m actually more excited about this project the more I think about it, I think Lee will stretch cultural boundaries to be more in line with New York culture, which most of his films are about in one way or another.

While I’m pretty sure there is little that can be done to improve Oldboy, I would actually watch Lee’s version to see what he would do differently, while I think someone like Justin Lin would shoot for more of a broad remake to appeal to bigger audiences.  If there’s anything that can be said about Lee, it’s that he has certain principles when it comes to film-making.


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