Spike Lee In Talks To Direct Oldboy Remake

Word around Twitchfilm is that Spike Lee (Inside Man) is in talks to direct the US remake of Park Chan Wook‘s Oldboy. Back in 2008 Steven Spielberg‘s name was attached to the project in some form and even Will Smith was rumored to be interested in the project.

Spike Lee would be an interesting pick for the film, but I can’t say I am fully behind it. I really don’t want to see a remake of Oldboy because I doubt it will be able to hold a candle to the original. Yes, I can just dismiss it and move on, but damn it why do people have to be so lazy? Read the fucking subtitles and enjoy the original!

That being said, if Oldboy is being remade I am at least glad that it could be in the hands of a good director. I’m not the biggest Spike Lee fan but I did enjoy a few of his films. Let it also be noted that Will Smith did just recently turn down the leading role for Quentin Tarantino‘s Django Unchained, possibly because of his involvement with the Oldboy remake?

Nothing is for sure just yet, but keep checking back and we’ll be sure to keep you updated!

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