Are The Spierig Brothers Directing The Next ‘Saw’ Film?

I’m one of those rare movie-lovers around that actually really misses the Saw series. Sure, the films sort of dipped in quality towards the later entries and the overall story definitely got a little muddled and convoluted, but I still appreciate what James Wan and Leigh Whannell created with the first film and its immediate sequels.

Sadly, the Saw franchise slowly started to make less and less money, which meant that Lionsgate thought it wasn’t profitable enough to keep warranting sequels, despite the “final payoff” not getting its proper due, which led us to Saw: The Final Chapter aka a gore-filled splatterfest for the die-hards.

The final Saw movie wasn’t awful, but it definitely was one of the worst in terms of having that surprise ending or any sort of twist at all. It handled the entire finale rather poorly and has left me (and many others) waiting for the proper closure.

Or perhaps a revival?

The latest round of rumors is hinting at the possible rebirth of the series, with the title Saw: Legacy being pushed around.

Also, The Spierig Brothers (known for their under-rated vampire flick Daybreakers) are attached to direct a script, which was penned by Josh Stolberg and Pete Goldfinger.

This news excites me, because anything Saw-related has my interest, especially when compared to yet ANOTHER found-footage exorcism film or God forbid another Paranormal Activity film.

The biggest question mark raised is will this be a sequel or a remake/reboot? The Spierig‘s have no prior Saw experience, nor do the writers.

Say what you will about the Saw series, but most of the producers/writers stayed onboard or at least delivered a few films before handing it off to another duo. There was always some sort of consistency.

Does this mean that Jigsaw will be back or are we in for an entire new Saw saga  –or as I like to call it — Sawga?

Source : B.M.D.

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